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 Set your GPS to 25°19'03.9"S 152°33'47.8"E and it will take you to the Howard Caravan Off Street parking area where you can have a free stay complete with water on tap, for up to 20hrs. All Shops, Pub, Eateries and places of interest are within easy walking distance. The local Information Center is directly across the street from the Parking Area.

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Now your here, don't just stop and smell the roses, maybe it's time for a coffee, or better still, a 'Coldie' and something to eat. The Grand Hotel has great meals with 'Specials' on most days of the week, or, if you prefer, the Golf Club located at the Eastern end of William St. where it merges into Gregory St. also has a great restaurant.
And then with a history going back to the mid 1850's, there is much to see in and around Howard....more

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And now...A quick history lesson. The Discovery of the Burrum River.


Discovery of the Burrum River

Andrew Petrie  sailed from Brisbane in 1842 with instructions to explore the coastal areas north of the Brisbane River for land suitable for farms.
 He discovered the entrance to a river that he named the Wide Bay, although later changed to The Mary, and traveled well up this river, finding good pastoral lands on which the City of Maryborough stands today.    He was to discover however, that he was not the first white man to find this area. He met up with two runaway convicts, one of which, James Davis, had been with the local natives for several years and is credited with being the first White Man to see and cross the Burrum River.
 Actual official settlement along the banks of the Burrum started in March 1855 when two pastoralist's, W. McPhail and M. Sheehan were granted four grazing leases, one of which had a boundary along the Southern bank of the Burrum River. This is the first known reference in writing to the Burrum River, and when in 1859 Queensland was declared a State, the Burrum catchment was still largely unexplored.    In August 1861, the then Maryborough Harbourmaster, a Mister RB Sheridan, sailed north up Hervey Bay and discovered the mouth of what we now know as the Burrum River, he took soundings at the entrance and for some way up the river, noting as he went, the great abundance of valuable timber along both banks. His report went on to say, "based on these soundings, vessels drawing 12 feet would have no trouble navigating a good distance upriver".

Events leading to the Establishment of the Town of Howard

It was not until March of 1863 that the two Miller brothers, encouraged by Sheridans report, traveled from Maryborough on their 18ton cutter, Janet, down the Mary across Hervey Bay and up the Burrum to a point just upstream from where the main northern railway line crosses the river today. There they setup camp on the Southern bank and it was on the 17 April 1863, while checking nets strung across the river, that John Miller discovered outcrops of Coal in the river bank.
It was from this small beginning, Howard and District was to emerge, born on the back of Coal.... Black Gold
Did You Bring A Boat?

There is a Wonderfull Boat Ramp at the end of Powehouse Road just 1.5Km from the Parking area which will provide full access to the river. There is also a second Boat Ramp in Pacific Haven at a place called Wal's Camp.

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Whether you live here or are just visiting, the Burrum River News is your

'Go To' for information and Service Provider listings.

The BRN, as it is known locally , is available for FREE at all the shops, Pub and Eateries in Howard.